Fresh Paint: Zoya for Ipsy

Hey All! I know I promised you some food posts from NYC – but it turns out I have a lot more editing to do before that’s ready, so for now, I’ve got some fresh paint for you!

A couple of weeks ago, I received my second Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of May. When I opened it, something didn’t seem right. I was hit in the face with a floral scent! Turns out one of the items was a perfume roller ball that had broken on delivery and subsequently damaged most of the items in my bag. The polish was still intact, so I decided to try it out. (For those who are interested, I contacted Ipsy and they’re sending a new bag out to me, though it is taking a while longer to receive).

In this month’s bag, the polish was from Zoya’s Spring 2013 collection. All the colours from this line feature a soft pixiedust glitter in pastel hues, in 6 different shades. The colour I received was Piaf, which is the pastel yellow. I was hoping for Blu (the pastel blue) or Neely (the mint green shade), but I like yellow, so I was still happy. I tried out one hand with just the straight colour, and decided that itd look nicer as an accent. So I paired it with Essie’s Mint Candy Apple for a fun summery look.


I am a fan of Zoya, their formulas are smooth and well-pigmented and hold up over time. I had a little more trouble with this one, however, I think largely because of the glitter. The first coat went on a bit patchy, but after 2 coats, it looked great. So no big complaints here. All in all, I liked it and would like to try out some of the other spring shades too.

Thanks for dropping by!

Laura XO


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