So after losing a finished post…let’s try this again! This month’s date night brought us to Absinthe¬† – a place I’ve been meaning to try for a long time. Ever since my first taste of their burgers at The Taste of Wellington…Mmmm, their burgers…but let’s save that for a future post! Turns out that every […]

Elmdale Oyster House & Tavern

Last night, after a surprise Birthday BBQ for a close friend, the stragglers of the party decided to head out for some Oysters (since he was promised oysters as part of the ruse to get him to the party, lol). We were all pretty excited, since the birthday boy himself endorsed it so highly, but […]

Hung Sum Restaurant

Dim Sum anyone? First off, it’s not your typical dim sum restaurant, there will be no carts in this little place! It’s a small unassuming restaurant on 870 Somerset Street near the outskirts of Chinatown, right by Preston and Somerset. I’ve lived in Ottawa practically my whole life, I’ve been to Chinatown countless times…and I’ve […]


Back-to-back food posts – whaat?? Hope you guys aren’t too hungry after that last one, because for all my seafood lovers out there – this one is a doozy! For anyone who doesn’t know, Lent is upon us, which means one thing – No Meat Fridays : ( But don’t fear, it’s not all bad. […]

Art-Is-In Bakery

I love the smell that welcomes you when you walk into a bakery…baking bread, fresh cookies – what’s there not to love?!? One of my favourite bakeries has to be Art-Is-In. I could probably eat their bread forever. No joke. It’s that good. Not only do they have fresh breads and pastries galore, they also […]