A Night at the Boardwalk Empire

A few weeks ago, close to two months ago now (Yikes – where does the time go??) Niko and I volunteered at the Ottawa Gala. The Ottawa Gala is an annual gala event “dedicated group of young professionals from the private, public and university sectors is committed to helping those most in need by supporting initiatives that help build a brighter future for today’s generation and tomorrow’s future leaders”.

Every year, they choose a different theme for the night, and this year’s theme was “Boardwalk Empire” ode to the Roaring 20’s. I love dressing up, and even more so when it includes costumes! I had a lot of fun with the hair and the makeup. I used the tips I learned from the Bumble & Bumble course a couple months back for my hair, (in case you missed it, you can read it here) and it turned out great! For my makeup look, I copied a prom look tutorial posted by Jen a.k.a. frmheadtotoe (here’s the link) and that also turned out great!


 And it turns out I had the perfect dress to suit the night too. Here’s the look all together, and you can check out what Niko pulled together too ; )



The volunteering shift was only three hours long, and since we chose the early shift, we stayed and had a great night! I recommend it for anyone interested in checking out the event. For more information on the the gala and the cause, check out their site at: http://english.ottawagala.com/

Till next time!

Laura XO


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