Ben & Carol…and Family.


Nothing warms you on a particularly cold day than a whole lot of love!

When Ben and Carol decided on a winter shoot, I hoped and prayed and endlessly checked the weather forecast for days leading up to the day. I headed out early to to scope out the territory and though there was snow, as we hoped, it was disappointing to see that it was more wet pellets than snowflakes.  But luck was on our side, and forty minutes later when the clan arrived, the wet pellets turned into the perfect, fluffy snowflakes.

Despite the cold morning, we trekked all around Hog’s Back Park and by the end of the morning, everyone was rosy cheeked and happy. Salomon had his sled, and his big brother to tug him around, and we got the perfect snowy back drop. Can’t wait to do it all again in the spring when Ben and Carol make it official!

Click over here, to see the rest of my favourites from the shoot!

Happy Monday!

Laura XO


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