So after losing a finished post…let’s try this again!


This month’s date night brought us to Absinthe  – a place I’ve been meaning to try for a long time. Ever since my first taste of their burgers at The Taste of Wellington…Mmmm, their burgers…but let’s save that for a future post!

Turns out that every Monday night, Absinthe has Fondue Party Nights where they off a 3 course Fondue Dinner. Neither one of us had ever had traditional fondue before (I’m talking actual cheese and sticks…not hotpot) and we were excited to try! The staff were really great and helpful with all of our questions and it ended up being a really great experience.

Here’s the first course:

Cheese Fondue – Fondue Neuchâtelloise served with Gruyère and Emmental Cheeses, Baguette, Broccoli, Apples and Pear


This was my favourite course of the night and the one I was most excited to try! The cheese stays quite hot, so it was important to let it cool long enough not to burn the inside of our mouths. Niko’s favourite combination was the cheese and broccoli, but I’m a huge fan of sweet and salty, so my favourites were the pear and apple. But my actual favourite part was the Grandmother. The grandmother or La religieuse is the crust of burnt cheese left at the bottom of the “caquelon” once the fondue has been enjoyed by all.’ (link) And boy was it enjoyed ; )


Onto the next – 2nd course:

Meat Fondue – Fondue Bourguignonne served with Garlic and Anchovy, Ranch, Buffalo and Rébellion 1837 Sauces.


This course was the tricky one. Mostly because what essentially came was a plate of raw meat and sauces. This was definitely a side of fondue that was not shown on TV. We were both really surprised how quickly the meat cooked. It was a bit of a guessing game to get it cooked just right, but the steak was always juicy and tender and went along with their delicious house made sauces.

And lastly the final course:

Chocolate FondueValrhona Caraque Fondue served with Churros, Strawberries, Clementines, Banana.


What else do I need to say? Strawberries, Bananas, Churros and Chocolate!

That pretty much sums it up! It was a lot of fun and great new experience! I can’t wait to go back, next time with a couple more people, and make it a real party : ) I definitely recommend checking it out!


Laura XO


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