Supply & Demand.

Hey guys! It’s a few days past, but I still wanted to get a quick post up about my recent date night with Niko to Supply & Demand! It’s a great little spot that has been opened for just over a year in Westboro at 1335 Wellington Street. (Funny story, I actually used to work at that exact spot when it was a hair salon years ago!).


Adorable Menus!

Supply & Demand is a place that’s been on my list of places to try for a while. I’ve heard so many good things and they’ve been receiving great reviews, so I was more than a little excited when Monday finally came. As soon as I walked into Supply & Demand, I knew it was my kind of place. The atmosphere and overall vibe is just right – down to the vintage decor pieces and the cool DIY menus. We sat at the chef’s table – it’s always fun to sit where you can see the magic happen as it’s happening!

Without further ado, here’s what we ordered, starting from their Raw Bar:


Fresh Oysters! (L to R: South Lake, Pickle Point, Shiny Seas)

Oysters, all from PEI.
South Lake – White shell with green-lined rim, very salty ($3)
Pickle Point – Chunky, mild salinity, milked ($3)
Shiny Seas – Mild salinity, sweet grassy finish ($2.75)

I’m still relatively new to the Oyster world, so I can’t quite pick up on the subtle flavours, but my favourite of the three were the South Lake. They were the largest of the bunch, and were deliciously fresh and meaty. I also really enjoyed the Dill Brine and their house Mignonette (I personally mixed the two), and Niko was a fan of their house made hot sauce (I cannot really remember exactly what it was…).


Albacore Tuna Crudo with Lemon, Truffle Oil, Coppa and Mint ($13)

We were told by one of the chefs that the Albacore Tuna Crudo is one of the most popular items, and I can see why. It’s simple, but fresh. Which seemed to me, a recurring theme in a few of their dishes. There was nothing too complicated, or too unusual. Just really great food.

Next up, Small Plates & From the Garden:


Kale Salad with Caper Vinaigrette, Crotonese Cheese and Bacon ($8)


Beets with Parm Crema, Pine Nuts and Arugula ($8)

I loved the beets and the Parm Crema! I’m a huge fan of beet salads in general, but the Parm Crema was a really nice change to the usual cheese choice for beet dishes. Yum!

At this point, we were at an impasse. Do we continue with a couple other small plates, or throw caution to the wind and indulge, and try their entrées too…? We thought about it for what felt like a decade, wondering if it’d be just way too much food for the both of us. Niko really wanted to try the Octopus (He developed quite the penchant for it while in Greece), but after chatting to the kitchen and server, I really wanted to try a pasta dish. We were told that the pasta was handmade from scratch, and it was something ‘special’, and how could I not try something special. We were stuck.  Then the server offered a brilliant tidbit of information that got us to our decision…they can make a half portion of the pasta, and that way, we can have the best of both worlds! We were sold, lol.

Pappardelle witn Cinnamon Cap Mushrooms, Black Garlic Crema and Burrata Cheese ($22)

Pappardelle with Cinnamon Cap Mushrooms, Black Garlic Crema and Burrata Cheese ($22)


Surf ‘N Turf – BBQ Octopus and Chicken Thigh with Rye Berries and Creme Fraiche ($28)

The Surf ‘N Turf was great, it really was. Nothing I can really say against it. One of the staff said we’d regret it if we passed on it this time (we wavered momentarily for the Mackerel, which was apparently was also a dish worth having) and we do not regret it. But…the pasta, was something else and definitely something special. The pasta itself was perfection, the textures from the crouton bits and mushrooms..also perfect. I don’t think I can put into words how good this dish was. It won, hands down, no contest. I wish I had the full-sized, just for me, because I wouldn’t want to share even a bite of it. It was that good.

After all that, we didn’t think we had any room for dessert…but of course we ordered it anyways!


Deconstructed Black Forest Cake

When we first came in that night, we watched one of the staff preparing the chocolate for this dish, cutting it carefully into cubes. It’s then layered, in the cutest jar, with cherry compote and cream, a few generous chunks of crackle milk chocolate and even sealed. It was surprisingly light, for a chocolate cake dessert, which was a good thing after everything else we enjoyed that night!

Great food & Great atmosphere. What else needs to be said?

Thanks for dropping by and I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Laura XO


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