Taylor’s Genuine Food & Wine Bar

Haven’t blogged in a bit! But I’m back and with a food blog no less! Last week, it was my birthday, and as a belated birthday celebration, Niko’s family took me to lunch on Wednesday to Taylor’s Genuine Food & Wine Bar. Taylor’s is the sister restaurant of Domus Cafe in the market (also delicious) and is located on the corner of Sunnyside and Bank Street. Having been to Domus before, I had high expectations. As long as I’ve known Niko’s dad, I’ve heard him talk about “Taylor’s Burger” as one of his favourite burgers ever. So, when I had the opportunity to try it, finally, how could I not??

But first…

photo 1

I ordered Taylor’s Genuine Iced Tea, made with freshly brewed tea and citrus. It was refreshing and just sweet enough. I really liked it.

But onto the meat of the post…

photo 2

There it is, in all its glory! Taylors Genuine Burger ($16) is their house made beef burger, bacon, Blackburn Cheddar, served on a Rideau Bakery bun, and a side of mixed greens, and roasted potatoes. The potatoes came piping hot! So hot that Jen burnt her mouth, and it must’ve been worth it because all she had to say was “It’s delicious!”. lol. And she was right, about the potatoes and the burger! It was all delicious. The patty was cooked perfectly – medium and juicy, the bun held up to those juices and I really liked the tomato compote on the burger in addition to the bacon and cheddar.

It’s definitely a contender for my favourite burger ever. Easily in my Top 5. Jun, you were right about that burger ; ) So for all you Ottawa-burger-connoiseurs (I’m talking to you Ash) out there – check this place out!

Until next time ; )

Laura XO


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