Memories of Rome


I actually can’t believe that I hadn’t posted this sooner. It was supposed to go up with the others since it was the last leg of our European trip! Rome was my favourite of our stops for sure (though had we had more time in Florence, that might’ve changed). I loved the feel of the city. The buildings were beautiful and we went during off-season, so it wasn’t as jam-packed with tourists, though I’m sure there isn’t really a time when there aren’t tourists in Rome. The food was amazing here. I don’t think I’ll ever look at pasta the same anymore. It really is perfection there! Rome is definitely a city I would revisit – there is still so much I have yet to see and more importantly, so many more delicious things to eat!


The Pantheon


Fontana di Trevi – Trevi Fountain


Vendors atop the Spanish Steps


Castel Sant’Angelo


Behind Capitoline Hill


St. Peters Square


The Colosseo

DSC_6402  DSC_6385


She was one of my favourite parts of the trip. I met her on our last day and she was a sweetheart. I don’t know how to spell her name, but I think it is Bilbia : )


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