Nutty Greek

This is a bit of a delayed post. A couple of weeks ago, Niko and I stopped into the Nutty Greek Bake Shop for a little reminder of  Greece (also because AJ and Jen told us to check it out and every time we tried to go it was closed – womp womp). But we finally made it and here’s how it went down…


This little family run bakery has been opened for about a year, since Spring of 2012, and is located on 490 Rochester St. (entrance on Beech Street) just off Preston Street in Little Italy. It’s pretty easy to get to, from whichever direction, and although there’s no parking, there is ample street parking. It is a bakery, but they also have a lunch menu and serve pitas, salads and soups…but onto the good stuff…the treats! There were so many deliciously looking desserts that we couldn’t hold ourselves back and indulged a little…okay, okay, you got me. We indulged a lot :S (#fatlikethat)


Niko ordered this one right out of the gate! The Bogatsa Roll is “made with phyllo sheets that are folded over multiple times and filled with a creamy custard filling and served warm, sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon.” (link) By the description alone, we were excited, it looked and sounded delicious! But after tasting it, I think I was a little disappointed. Not that it wasn’t good, but I think I was expecting something different. The custard wasn’t sweet, the dessert itself wasn’t overly sweet either. Also – I didn’t know until just now that it should be served warm (oops) and so that may have played a part in me not liking it very much. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. Though I’m sure others would enjoy it.


Not only did they have Baklava, but they had Gourmet Baklava! There were lots of different flavours to choose from that day: Chocolate Walnut Almond, Chocolate Walnut Orange, Chocolate Salted Peanut, and Butterscotch Pecan. I went with the Salted Peanut because I love mixing sweet and salty, and it was topped with a bit of peanut butter – yummy : ) It was pretty good, and a lot neater to eat than the traditional honey drizzled baklava…but as good as it was, I still prefer the original over the gourmet. Though I am curious to try out some of the other flavours. They have all of their flavours listed here.


I love Cheesecake! It’s definitely one of my favourite desserts. When they were here, AJ and Jen had the Baklava Cheesecake said it was really good, and who can say no to a really good cheesecake, really..?? And lemme tell you something…it was everything a cheesecake should be PLUS baklava! It was dense and creamy and topped with nuts and honey…so delightfully good!

But all those desserts aside…we were actually most looking forward to the Loukoumades, which was my favourite dessert from our recent trip to Greece. I wanted to get some every chance we got while we were there, and I was really excited to hear that not only was there a place to get them here, but that they were almost as good as the once we had in Greece! Sweet!

image_11 image_12

For those who don’t know what they are, Loukomades are small crispy donut balls, think of them as Greek Timbits. They come in orders of 12; we got one order of Traditional, which is served drenched in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, and we got an order of the ‘Sugar and Spice” reminiscent of a Beavertail. These are made fresh to order and came out piping hot! Once we gave it a quick minute or two to cool, we dove in…almost forgetting that we had planned to take them back to share with the family, lol. They are best eaten fresh after all ; ) and it was true…they were almost as good as the ones we had in Greece! They were fresh, crispy on the outside and soft and light on the inside. And there was the perfect amount of honey and cinnamon covering each delectable bite. No complaints here!

My mouth is watering as I’m writing this, and I will definitely be back for more! If you haven’t tried these yet – you should ; ) And the Nutty Greek is such a cute place, definitely worth the visit. Check out their website ( or check them out on Facebook and Twitter- @NuttyGreek !

Laura XO


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