Sample Sale Guys – Ottawa Edition

481661_298279790289086_364041769_aHey Guys! So I stopped by the Ottawa leg of The Sample Sale Guys traveling designer clothes sale, and I just thought I’d write up a quick review (in case anyone is looking to make a trip).

I first caught wind of this “sample sale” on facebook 3 weeks ago, they were hosting a contest to win $1000 by sharing the post (speaking of which…I’m not sure what the outcome of that was…). In the pic, you can pick out certain brands, namely Canada Goose, True Religion at first glance; so I figured why not? I didn’t have anything to lose by sharing it, and some friends on facebook thought so too. Over the next couple of weeks, other pictures were posted of their sales starting in Vancouver and making their way to Ottawa, hosting sales along the way – they did well to build interest for their events.

Which brings me to today, the first day of the sale. It was held at the Travelodge Hotel on 1376 Carling Avenue and opened at 11am. I was on my way home from work, and decided to stop in. Two and a half hours after the open, there was no line and free parking…so far, so good. I saw a good amount of people toting their purchases to the car…but I also saw a good amount of people leaving who didn’t have anything at all…not a great sign. But once I got in, I gotta say, I was also a bit disappointed. It seemed pretty picked over already. I was most interested in seeing how the Canadian Goose jackets were priced (some were $100 off, others were a little more – at least the ones that were left), and they also had goose competitors Moose Knuckle, Numero and Nobis too, but again, there wasn’t much of a selection when I got there.

I wasn’t overly impressed by the brands either – they had Juicy, Bench, Guess, some True Religion, Super Dry, and some others, but it just wasn’t to my taste. They do list a much wider variety than they actually carried today – maybe it was better in Toronto or even in Vancouver when they first set out….In terms of designer purses, they had a few Michael Kors, and they did seem to have a decent selection of Coach bags, even at that time. I saw a few girls with at least 2-3 of them in hand! Otherwise, nothing else notable.

All in all, I was pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing. It was smaller than I expected, the brand selection seemed pretty small, they also didn’t have any footwear or shoes – sentiments that I heard echoed from people who, like me, left empty handed. For those who still plan on checking it out, I hope they are replenishing stock throughout over the next 3 days because I’m really not sure what else they will have to offer if they don’t….otherwise, I’d pass on this one.

Hope this helps for anyone who was interested!

Laura XO


4 thoughts on “Sample Sale Guys – Ottawa Edition

  1. Huynhie and I were there as soon as it opened and it was horrible from the very beginning! They let people in a little before 11 and we were gone by 11:03. Sad we missed you!

  2. The Sale in Edmonton was a Joke as well, you noted everything in your post here, exactly what went through my mind when I went to the “Sample Sale” Waste of my time for sure.

  3. the sale was great. i found great deals. the sale isn’t for people that don’t know anything about designer brands. they had prices that can’t be bet

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