Back-to-back food posts – whaat?? Hope you guys aren’t too hungry after that last one, because for all my seafood lovers out there – this one is a doozy!


For anyone who doesn’t know, Lent is upon us, which means one thing – No Meat Fridays : ( But don’t fear, it’s not all bad. It gives me a reason (rather another reason) to swing by Whalesbone for some fresh deliciousness of the seafood variety! Here’s some quick background info on who they are and what they do – “The Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster & Fish Supply has been supplying restaurants, hotels, caterers and grocers throughout Ottawa and the area with the finest fresh and frozen seafood. As the region’s largest supplier, we bring you value and selection that are second to none — with personal service. As a certified Ocean Wise supplier, we’re committed to protecting the environment and maintaining sustainable practices, from catch to consumer.” They started out as a supplier, but now have a separate restaurant location, The Whalesbone Oysterhouse at 430 Bank Street in addition to offering catering services. They even host an annual oyster festival in their very backyard! The 6th Annual Bytowne Oysterfest is slated for June 30th this year – I can’t wait to check it out!

It had been a while since I’ve been back, but Niko works nearby and gone last week and was planning on going again (without me!). Luckily, my schedule opened up and needless to say, I was pretty excited to grab one of their famous Brown Bag Lunches ($10).


They’re menu changes daily – based on what’s fresh and what  their catch of the day is. That day – it was Cod; which is what I ordered.


It was the Catch of the Day Sammich – Ling Cod (breaded and fried) with caramelized onions, lettuce, caper aioli and a spicy mango sauce. I enjoyed this a lot. The cod was fresh… none of that overly fishy taste that most people associate (and dislike) with eating fish. There was a hint of spice and sweetness from the spicy mango sauce, which was great and the bread was delicious too. A tad on the messy side – but I’m not complaining!


Niko ordered the Shrimp Po Boy – made with Wild BC Humpback Shrimp (battered and fried) and also topped with lettuce, caramelized onions, spicy mango sauce and caper aioli. We split, of course, and we both agreed that while the Cod was great, the Po Boy was the winner of this round! I can’t even say why…it was just sooo good.

AJ and Jen met us there for lunch as well. They ordered the Smoked Salmon Sandwich (which I didn’t grab a pic of…I was too busy devouring my food : P) and a two piece order of their Fish and Chips served with their in-house tartar and dill.


I thought that I had this in past visits to Whalesbone, but Niko informed me that I hadn’t…which is surprising because I do love fish and chips. But one of the great things about dining with AJ and Jen is that they always let us sample what they order (and vice versa of course). And let me tell you something – I’ll definitely be ordering this next time around! Fresh fish that is perfectly battered and fried, who wouldn’t want to have their own? But word to the wise – a One Piece order includes TWO pieces of fish and a Two Piece order includes FOUR pieces. Confusing, right? And that’s exactly why they ended up with 4 pieces, plus fries and a sandwich between the two of them, lol. But hey, Niko and I saw them in a pickle and helped them finish everything ; )

Special thanks to the guy that served us (I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name!) he was kind enough to write down all the details about the food for me : ) Make sure to try this place out!

Hopefully, I didn’t catch any of you at a particularly hungry moment…and if I did – SOOOORRYYYYY!!! But if it makes you feel any better, I’m pretty famished right now from looking at all these food pics too, something that I plan on fixing right now!

Happy Eating  (ummm, I mean) Weekend everyone!

Laura XO


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