Art-Is-In Bakery

I love the smell that welcomes you when you walk into a bakery…baking bread, fresh cookies – what’s there not to love?!? One of my favourite bakeries has to be Art-Is-In. I could probably eat their bread forever. No joke. It’s that good. Not only do they have fresh breads and pastries galore, they also have fantastic brunch/lunch items; from soups and sandwiches to small servings of pasta and flatbread pizzas. I haven’t had anything from there that I didn’t love. They are located at 250 City Center Avenue, Bay 114 (near Lebreton Flats, off Scott Road), it’s fairly easy to get to, and has ample free parking. It’s nestled in a warehouse style bay – which adds to its charm. Every time I’ve been there, the interior has changed, gradually opening up more and more to accommodate more tables and seating – which is great because it’s often packed! Business has been so good that they’ve opened a whole sale warehouse just further up the lot.

A few of us popped in for lunch the other day for lunch, and of course it was packed! It’s always hard to decide what to have there – but here’s Niko and I ended up having.


I ordered one of their specials of the day – the Handmade Meatball Sandwich, served with arugula and cheddar ($10.95). The meatballs were soft and not overly seasoned – which was perfect for me since I often find meatballs too seasoned for me. The sauce was good too, but since I’m a baby when it comes to spicy foods, it was a tad on the spicy side, not overwhelmingly so though. And of course, the bread – soft, fresh and delicious!


Niko ordered their Grilled Cheese with Caramelized OnionsLoaded with provolone and gruyere cheeses caramelized onion, and grilled to perfection. Served with our home-made ketchup, made with fresh coriander. Served on our Buttermilk multi-seed bread ($6.95). Served with their very own house ketchup. We always swap plates halfway, so I got to try both! It was really good, as far as fancy grilled cheeses go, and I really liked the house ketchup – but is it bad that I still prefer my grilled cheeses? Nah! Nothing like homemade : )


We also ordered an order of their fries, served with their house aioli. It’s pretty delicious. Need I say more?


This time, they also had macarons – and who doesn’t love macarons?? Especially since they’ve been popping up in bakeries more and more these days. I wanted to try these out – they make all their breads and pastries fresh in-house. The three flavours they had were Lemon, Vanilla and Raspberry. They were good and nicely made, but I prefer ones I get from a local bakery in Orleans.


Niko opted for their Chocolate Croissant – you can never go wrong with that.

I hope all of you get a chance to stop by and try it out for yourselves. It’s definitely not to be missed! Also – if you’re not in the area, you can still try out their amazing breads in local bakeries and stores around the city – listed here.

Happy Eating!

Laura XO


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