Nail Art! Valentine’s Edition


Hi Again!

My nails were again a blank canvas, and I decided I was feeling festive today! I recently picked up the Quo by ORLY “Instant Artist” nail art set, that includes a detailer brush and dotter duo tool, and figured that today was the as good of a day as any to try them out.
ImageI only used the dotter tool for today’s mani. One side was slightly smaller than the other, to make two different sizes of dots. Pretty simple and straightforward and so much easier to use than a toothpick or bobby pins, which is what I had been using before I picked this kit up at Shopper’s Drugmart. Regular price is $15.00, on promo right now for $12.75 (but I snagged it during Optimum Points redemption weekend – so it was virtually free!)

I think I got a bit carried away, lol. A different pattern on each nail seemed like a good idea…until it came to my right hand. But I think I managed it not-so-badly ; P

ImageI used my go-to red polish by ZOYA (unfortunately I’m not exactly sure what shade it is, since it’s not marked…) paired with Essie Mod Squad, a fun and pretty pink. Perfect for St. Valentine’s Day.

I hope you enjoyed the post – Thanks for stopping by!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Laura XO


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